Ask Canadians if you want to understand Mr. Berlusconi

Ask Canadians if you want to understand Mr. Berlusconi

Non-Italian friends often ask why Italians have voted for Mr. Berlusconi for 20 years, and still do. I try hard, but it is next to impossible to explain; Italians, they say, are sometimes totally irrational.

Well, it seems like Italians are not alone, thanks to Canadians!

This is a pretty convincing article about Rob Ford, mayor of Toronto, recently stripped of his executive powers and still hugely popular. Replace crack with Bunga Bunga, Mr. Ford with Mr. Berlusconi and you might understand.

Many highly educated, politically sophisticated, well-off people voted for Rob Ford in the last Toronto mayoralty election. It was not for no reason. Despite a recent run of weeks that could hardly be worse for Mr. Ford – admissions of crack cocaine use, drunkenness, lies, cover-ups, personal meltdowns, international ridicule – 42 per cent of those now polled approve of him in his time in office. Again, it is not for no reason.

So thank you Canada for providing a glaring example of why some Italians still (unfortunately) vote for Mr. B.

PS: I consider Canada a very civilized country; I like Canada a lot.