Maximizers vs. satisficers

Maximizers vs. satisficers

This article about the search for better quality of life out of the Bay Area reminded me of the reason why I tend to move around looking for new places.

According to the article, the need for better quality should be balanced against what one really loses leaving a big urban environment to settle in a more provincial one.

The notion that it all boils down to the difference between maximizers and "satisficers" (satisfied with choices that "suffice") is so true! Maximizers prefer advancing their knowledge, their social status and their careers while living in big international cities which offer them poor quality of life. Satisficers tend to choose quality of life because they are not driven by the same desires and they love what they have.
It is hard for a maximizer to leave with satisficers. That is really the trade-off when thinking about moving to a small place.

The funny thing about it, is that maximizers know that satisficers have a better quality of life, but there is nothing they can do to change their inner maximizer ;-)