Open Gov, corporations and git

Open Gov, corporations and git

This is a very well written article about how git and github could be used to re-engineer government processes. As with most innovations that the Internet has brought about, git was created by programmers (Linus) for programmers; but its potential use beyond the programming world is becoming apparent.

I've been looking into git and github for a while, and fully agree with the article. They can be used for Open Gov and also by corporations and companies who are witnessing their knowledge barriers becoming more fuzzy and need a tool to collaborate in an open and accountable way with suppliers and customers.

I see git and github as an incremental step towards a better Internet. Me, I'll continue exploring a completely new paradigm, one that requires new primitives to be imagined.

Update March 31, 2015: a french guy, wrote a script to import the French civil code into github.