Space: 1999

Space: 1999

As a kid, Space: 1999 inspired me - and sometimes scared me.

Back in the days, I watched as many episodes as possible, religiously waiting for the next episode to be aired.

I don`t recall watching the first episode. I have now, thanks to the Internet.

Here is what I noticed:

  • the first season was aired in 1975
  • it was a co-production of the British ITC and the Italian RAI and this might explain why it was aired in Italy
  • as a teenager my US friends had never heard of it, now I know why (1)
  • the moon was shot off orbit by the explosion of the nuclear waste stored there from earth
  • handheld communicators were small, black and white, TV like screens that also acted as remote controls
  • lunar gravity seemed to be valid only outside the base, inside the base it was earth like gravity
  • I watch it in English now. I don`t think I spoke one single English word then

(1) unreal that back then I could not Google for it and show it to my US friends.