The journey

The journey

Metaphorically speaking, understanding Geneosophy requires embarking on a voyage to explore a previously unknown continent and dedicating oneself to learn the habits, customs and laws of the local population.

It is an impossible journey for those who do not like to travel, those who are happy with their beliefs, those who travel with a closed mind and judge the new habits as wrong, simply because they are different from their own.

If you are among those who love to travel, who are ready to question their beliefs and who are interested in learning new languages, then you are well suited to taking the Geneosophical journey, a conceptual journey that allows you to better comprehend yourself within a much wider and comprehensive context.

Perhaps an even more fitting metaphor would be that of a person who, blind from birth, miraculously begins to see. At the start of this journey, this person has absolutely no point of reference for understanding sight and will be disoriented, immersed in a world full of unrecognisable patterns of light upon which it will be impossible to focus.

In this sense, the Geneosophical journey is necessarily a long one. You have to gradually create conceptual points of reference to orient yourself in this new world so that you can continue the journey, step by step. Along the journey, you will be able to understand that your traditional beliefs are simply a limited aspect of a larger new comprehension. You’ll come to realise that rational thinking, mathematics, logic and programming can be comprehended in a broader contextual framework. And this will lead you directly to the further realisation that the expression of creativity, intuition, genius and life can finally be comprehended and no longer appear mysterious and indefinable.